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Squat Depth

Strength is gained in the range of motion performed, which means half reps only produce half the results. This is true for any lift you perform in the weight room, with the exception partial reps that are programmed in a strength progression.

A few common factors that prevent proper range of motion are a lack of flexibility and joint mobility causing structural balance issues. Structural balance issues can be caused by improper training, lifestyle (such as sitting for prolonged periods), and injuries (both past and present). Understanding and correcting these elements can help prevent injuries and improve your overall results.

So how do we fix this?

In most cases, the trainee will need to back off the weight and change the workout routine to work on the imbalances. Seek out a good manual therapist, learn Self Myofascial Release, and other mobility methods will help break up the tissues that are restricted; as well as incorporating a training program that addresses the body’s weak muscles and movement patterns.

This process can be frustrating, but the end result will be worth the effort and investment you put in.

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