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Write it Down

If you are looking to get started or increase your workout consistency, your day planner will take you further than scrolling through Instagram for motivation.

Motivation is typically enough to get started, but you will quickly fall off track without a structured plan. If you want to make fitness a priority, then your workouts need to have a time slot in your schedule. Having a written plan to workout at specific time and place has been shown to double or even triple the chances at success.

Here is a link to great article by habit expert James Clear.

Article Bullet Points:

- A study conducted by British Journal of Health and Psychology compared motivation vs intention. - Control Group - 38% Exercised at least once per week. - Motivation Group - 35% Exercised at least once per week. - Intention Group- 91% Exercised at least once per week. - "Simply by writing down a plan that said exactly when and where they intended to exercise, the participants in Group 3 were much more likely to actually follow through."

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